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Axial 540 Electric Motors
SPECIFICATIONS Shaft Diameter: 3mm (0.12") Shaft Length: 12.45mm (0.49") Can Diameter: 36mm (1.42") Can Length: 49.7mm (1.96") Total Length: 72mm (2.83") Wire length: 88.9mm (3.5")
Axial AE-5 Brushed Waterproof ESC w/Reverse/Drag Brake
FEATURES 3S LiPo capable Settings can be easily switched between LiPo and NiMH batteries with a simple jumper Jumper 1 switches between LiPo and NiMH batteries Jumper 2 switches drag brake settings Waterproof...
brOOd Specter Hand Wound
Each motor is custom built from the ground up, beginning with Exclusive teardowns. The armatures are hand wound with precision by the best in the business using optimized wire gauges for ultimate horsepower....
Castle Creations Mamba Micro X
Please note: these ESCs use a custom sensor harness and are not compatible with regular ones! We include a free Sensor Wire for Castle Mamba X Series with the purchase of a Castle Creations Mamba Micro...
Castle Creations Sidewinder 3
Castles Sidewinder ESC, the leading 1/10th scale sport brushless ESC, is now waterproof. The new Sidewinder 3 can power crawlers on water filled trails, SCTs through rain soaked parking lots, and AWDs...
Castle Link USB Programming Kit
The CastleLinkUSB Programming Kit allows you to modify the settings of your Holmes Hobbies ESC or Castle ESCandBEC using your PC. For full and up-to-date details, please visit the official Castle Link...
Deans Connectors
FEATURES Eliminates the Possibility of Reverse Polarity Connections Provides a Secure Connection for Battery and Motor Connections on R/C Vehicles. INCLUDES Either one pair, Female four pack or Male Two...
Holmes Hobbies TorqueMaster BR-XL Electronic Speed Control Water Proof
The TorqueMaster BR-XL is a whole new ESC for crawlers. It has been designed from the ground up to meet the rigorous demands of low speed control and high speed power. 5 amp 6 volt on board switchmode...
Holmes Hobbies TorqueMaster Expert 540
Armature Production Machine Wound Armature Lamination 0.20 Slots Count 3 Pole Count 2 Armature Skew Straight Mount Pattern Standard 540 (M3x25mm) Output Shaft 3mm (1/8") Brush Style Soft Copper Standup...
Holmes Hobbies TorqueMaster Pro 540
Armature Production Hand Wound Armature Lamination 0.20 Slots Count 3 Pole Count 2 Armature Skew Straight Mount Pattern Standard 540 (M3x25mm) Output Shaft 3mm (1/8") Brush Style Soft Copper Standup Magnet...
Holmes Hobbies TrailMaster BLE Pro Waterproof
TheTrailMasterBLE Pro is designed with high quality and top performance to satisfy your need for power. Click here for the current instruction sheet. Based on time tested hardware from Castle Creations,...
Soft Copper Standup Brushes
HolmesSoftCopperStandup style brushesarestandardpartsonCrawlMasterandTorqueMaster motors. These also fit Reedy, Trinity,Integy, and manyotherbrandsthatusestandup style brush hoods. Brushes are serrated...
Tekin FXR
The Tekin FX R is the most feature packed, smallest, and BEST ESC for brushed motors! This sets the standard for all other ESCs to follow. Easily access to programming PC interface for custom programming...