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Compact 4 amp Winch Controllers
PLEASE READ COMPLETE ADD. IF YOU NOT SURE WHICH CONTROLLER YOU NEED PLEASE CONTACT ME.. Need the winch power that the 4 amp Relay Output Winch Controller gives you but would prefer it took up less space...
Dual Power Headlight and Driving Light Controller
Do you have one of those crazy bright light bars that runs on 12 volts (or 3S Lipo) and also have lights that run from 6 volts (receiver voltage)? This controller works on a three position channel or linear...
Heyok light controller
Heyok KOH blinking lights & Brake light controller with LEDS... this kit includes blue and amber and red leds
RC Lighting Control Using External Power
Some of you are adding some cool light systems that run on 12 volts. Maybe you want to be able to turn these on and off using your transmitter. I've been selling the Remote Switch For LED Lighting but...