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Performance 3D Products Toyzuki T-case cover
3D printed Toyzuki Transfer Case Cover available in black, green, orange at this time.
Toyzuki Aluminum cms kit
Toyzuki aluminum cms with axle and chassis panhard mounts
Toyzuki LCG skid
This is a Low center of gravity skid used with the G-10 toyzuki angled chassis..
Toyzuki Transfer case
Toyzuki Transfer case. used with the Motormount system. Can be used with stock scx10 chassis or the Toyzuki Chassis. Uses axial transmission gears to complete. Shown here on a stock scx10 skid with Toyzuki...
ToyZuki's angled skid scx10 chassis
This is designed to bolt up to all your stock components and therefore should work with all your aftermarket components as well. These are made from a composite called G10. Supposed to be stronger than...
ToyZuki's Fabrication Low Center of Gravity Motor Mount ALUM/G10
Also Available in a G10 version for Toyzuki chassis This is a new spin on moving your motor weight forward to achieve front bias weight and gain more room for interior! The difference is this one also...